We are seeking to have a museum for Mrs. Cornelia Crenshaw in her honor to bring awareness to individuals who may not know of her and create a recognition room in the museum of other women in Memphis and Shelby County of stature, who have made a positive impact in helping the community.

The museum will provide space for children to learn from her many works and hopefully empower them to stay in school, and away from crime and not become a victim of their surroundings.


The assistance will bring supplements to individuals who would otherwise go hungry or go without the bare necessities to have a fulfilled day. Receiving valuable help from our foundation will have a positive effect in the community because it gives everyone something to look forward to.

It also allows them to know that they are not forgotten about and provides hope. The Cornelia Crenshaw Museum will bring tourism to the City of Memphis, and the museum will house her authentic furnishings along with an audio recording of her work and teach women and children leadership courses, just to name a few.